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www.businessballs.com. Alan Chapman has provided for free the best collection of management and organizational development theories, concepts and articles for compassionate leadership, self-help and ethical personal behavior we've seen. This is an outstanding website for learning what managers should know, college business majors (BA, MBA, EMBA & Ph.D.), self-study, and for reference.

Books, Articles & White Papers

Peters, Thomas J., and Austin, Nancy. A Passion for Excellence: The Leadership Difference. New York, Random House, 1985. (A collection of approaches to best business practices.)

Block, Peter. The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work. Jossey-Bass, 1986. (Revised 1991.) (Regardless your position, you are at a great disadvantage at work if you have not read this book because it's insightful and widely read. We, however, prefer the first edition because the concepts are presented in a simpler form, making the book easier to read.)

Brown, Kathryn Murphy. Common Sense Solutions for America: A former Democrat rebukes 'Liberals-not' while fixing America's biggest problems. CreateSpace, 2010. (Regardless your political orientation, this book offers sound solutions to healthcare, eliminating our national debt and fixing America.) It's listed at $12.95, but you can purchase it for $9.95 at CreateSpace.com/3485813. A link to the $5.99 Kindle Edition at Amazon is also provided at the Author site.

Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything. New York: Broadway Books, 2003. (Wonderful information and pleasurable reading for the person who tries to put 'existence' into perspective.)

Personal & Professional Development

American Management Association - Insightful skills and training programs

The Uncommon Individual Foundation - Individual and corporate mentoring programs 

Three of the most remarkable pieces of Human Rights work ever written

United States Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)

United States Constitution (September 17, 1787) (General principles explained)

United States Bill of Rights (Amendments to the US Constitution)

A Kid's Guide to the U.S. Constitution

America, the Greatest Country on Planet Earth!
Take a train ride -- full screen (you won't regret it).

The men who preserved your natural Liberties, Freedoms: "Have you ever wondered what happened to the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence? This is the price they paid."
American Philosopher and Inspirational Writer, at the time of the American Revolution: Thomas Paine (C). Thomas Paine (W).
10 Things You Might Not Know About America's Independence

Contact Information

State Government

US House of Representatives

US Senate


Left - Liberal
Right - Conservative
Support Services: AARP Results: Electoral-Vote American Seniors Association
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Generation American
("for the Over-50 Generation")
News: New York Times News: Real Clear Politics News: Washington Times
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Creators Syndicate Helping Misguided Democrat Voters

Are You an Independent Thinker? Read what Thomas Sowell has to say

General Information

This general information is provided on the helpful links pages for each of our products.

For information purposes only - buyer beware - we made no effort to screen the products or services offered by the providers on any webpage-link provided on this page.

"Freedom Isn't Free! Just Ask Any Soldier..." Help those in the military - AnySoldier.com   AnyMarine.com   AnyAirman.com   AnySailor.com   AnyCoastGuardsman.com

Pay it Forward Foundation

Pareto's Principle: The 80-20 Rule: about.com   wikipedia.com

The World Fact Book

Dictionary and Thesaurus (English)

Simple Translations to Different Languages

Free Online Dictionary (Large Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus by category)

InfoPlease - Almanacs, Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus

Fact Monster for Kids (of all ages)

Guide to Online Schools Online Homework Helper

Ocean Exploration

Discovery.com      HistoryChannel.com

World History in Context (People, Places, Events, Music, Culture, Science, Religion & Politics)

Information on many subjects - About.com

Snow Flakes and Crystals

Cellular Nutrition/Intracellular Chemistry

Glossary of Internet Terms by Matisse Enzer

HowStuffWorks - Learn how Everything Works

Flags compliments of Fabio Fatuzzo @ 33ff.com

time and date.com

Convert Hub - Free Online Image Converter - Converts Image formats and resizes images for free



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